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be Enacted & be it Enacted by the King's Most Excellent Majesty by &
with the Advice & Consent of the Lords Spiritual & Temporal & Commons in
this present Parliament Assembled & by the Authority ofthe same That it
shall & may be lawful to & for the L.d High Treasurer or Commrs of the Treasury
for the time being and he or they is or are hereby required as soon after the passing of this Act
as conveniently may be
to appoint one or moresuch fit and proper pson or psons he orto be Governor or Governors
of the Penitenty House or Penitenty. Houses to be Erected on the s.d piece or pieces of Ground before described in
psuance of this Act as shall be willing to contract for the building of the same at his or their own
Charge and expence who being so appointed
who shall continue Gov.r or Gov.rs thereof for the Term or

Terms of his or their Life or Lives or for any Term or Terms of Years if he or they
shall so sha long live as the s.d L.d High Treasurer or Commrs of the Treasury shall
deem expedient for the better carryg. into effect the objects hereby intended & that
The Ground is so vested
in the Governors
as Corporon/
when & so soon as such Gov.r or Gov.rs shall be appointed the Inheritance in Fee
simple of the s.d Piece or pieces of Ground herein before described
with the Appurtenances
for the ppose of erectg. thereon such penitenty.
House or Penitenty. Houses So. Buldg.s & Inclosures as herein directed shall be
Conveyed & assured so much Gov.r or Gov.rs as shallhave contracted for the Buildg. & erectg. the s.d
Build.gs thereon at his or their own Charge & Expence to the use of such Governor or Governors, his
or their Successors for ever avail the s.d Gov.r or
his Heirs & Assigns
forever on to Governors for the time being is one hereby made & declared to be a Corporation
sole or for use of such Governor or Corporation aggregate as the f shall be opposite
be for the special purpose of being capable to take total in proportional Succession
their Heirs & Ass.s resly and the Heirs & Ass: of the Heirs: of them for
ever as the case may require.this piece or pieces of Ground for the lives, purposes of this Act, be
said by the Name of the Governor or Governors of the Penitentiary House or penitentiary
Houses in the Parish of
in the s.d Co. of Surry —he or they paying to the several persons interested
therein such Sum and Sums of Money as by this Act as directed to be paid for the same
& also upon the death
or resignation of such
Governor or the Survivor
of such Governors who shall be
so appointed to assessment from time
to time to appoint another or others
in the oom of him so dying
or resigning to continue in such Office during his Majesty's pleasure or until provision shall be made by parliament

And be it further enacted — That it shall & may be lawfulfor

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