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mentioned to make or tender such Compensat.n Recompence or satisfact.n in Money to the
sev.l Occupiers who shall be Tenants for Terms of years or Ten.ts from year to year
or at will of the s.d piece or pieces of Ground on wch the s.d Penitenty. House or Penitenty. House are
so intended to be erected as afs.d or any part thereof in respect toof their sev.l Rights & Interests of & in
the s.d premes as such Gov.r or Gov.rs shall in his or their* Discret.n think fit which shall be made to them respectively over &
above the price to be paid to the owners &
proprietors as afsd*
& that
if the owners or proprietors aforesaid shall not<add> neglect or to agree with the said
Governor or Governors for such additional price as aforesaid or shall not within the period of 21 days after notice in writing of such payment agree for
accept such
additional price as shall be paid into the Bank of England by the said Govror or Govrs or
if any such Tenants for Years or Tenants from Year to Year or at will upon Notice to him
her or them given or left in ritg. at the House or Houses or other place or places of
abode of such Ten.ts resply or fixed on some conspicuous place on the premises hereby directedto be conveyed
which shall be in his her or or their respective occupation
shall for the space of 21 Days next af.r such Notice given
or left or fixed neglect or refuse to accept such price as shall be offered by the s.d Gov:r or Gov..rs
for their respective Rights & Interests in the said piece or pieces of Land or his or their Agent or shall orwise by reason of Absence or Incapacity be
prevented from receiving the same then & in every such Cases respectively the s.d Gov.r or Gov..rs
shall cause the values of all such Rights & Interests in respect whereof any such Controversy
Dispute shall have
arise of the s.d Occupiers or Tenants resply
of & in the s.d Ground to be respectively inquired into & ascertained by a Jury or Juries of indifferent Men
of the s.d Co: of Surry & to that End shall summon & call before such Jury or Juries & examine
upon Oath (wch oath such Gov.r or any one or more of such Governors is & are hereby
empowered to administer ) any pson or psons whomsoever & such Gov.r or Gov.rs shall
by ordering a view or orwise use all ways & Means for the Informal of the
& of such Jury, in the premes & when such Jury shall have enquired of & ascertainedthe

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