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the several matters aforesaid Value of the Rights & Interests of such Occupiers or Tenants resly in the s.d Gro.d
the s.d Gov.r or Gov..rs shall thupon pay in manner herein
Order that the Sum orrespective Sums of Money which
shall so appear to be as payable as well the Value of such Rights & Interests shall be fixed to such
Owners or Proprietors in respect of such Increase in value as aforesaid as to such Occupier or Tenants in respectivelyof their Interests in the premeswhich sums of
Money which due & payable to the occupiers or Tenants respectively shall be paid to them such
Occupiers or Tenants resply asor their respive Exors Admors or Ass::rs & wch Verdicts or
Inquisit.ns or Orders shall be respectively filed of Record by the Clerk of the Peace of the s.d Co: of Surry
& shall be final & conclusive to all intents & pposes wtsoever ag.st all & every the s.d
Owners or Proprietors and Occupiers & Tenants resply their respive Heirs Exors, Admors & Ass. & all & every other
pson & psons whomsoever.—

And for summoning & returng. such Juries be it further
Enacted That such Gov.r or Gov.rs may issue their Warrant or Warrants to the
Sheriff of the sd. Co: of Surry requirg. him to impannel summon & return and indiff.t
Jury or in different Juries each
consisting of
of 24 psons qualified to serve upon Juries to appear as before the s.d Gov.r or Gov.rs
at such time & place as in such Warr.t or Warr.ts shall be appointed & the s.d Sheriff
or his Deputy or Deput.s is & are hereby required to impannel summon & return
such number of psons accordingly & out of the psons so summoned impannelled &
returned or out of such of them as shall appear upon such Summons the s.d
Gov.r or Gov.rs shall & they are hereby empowered & required to draw by Ballot & to
swear or cause to be sworn 12 Men upon each such Jury who shall be the Jury for the purpose ads.d And

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