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And in default of a suff.t number of Jury Men so returned the s.d Sherrif or his
Deputy or Deputies shall take such other honest & indifferent Men of the Bystanders
or that can speedily be procured to attend that service to make up the number
of 12 upon each such Jury & all psons concerned shall have their lawful Challenges ag.st any of
the s.d Jurymen when they come to be sworn & the s.d Gov.r or Gov.rs shall have
power from time to time to impose & levy by distress and Sale of the Goods & Chattels
of every offender or offenders by warrant under his
or their hands and seals
a Fine or Fines upon such Sherriff or his
Deputy or Deputies making default in the premes & on any or the psons who shall be summoned &
returned on such Jury or Juries & who shall not appear of appearg. shall refuse to be sworn
on the s.d Jury or being sworn shall refuse to give or shall not give a Verdict
or shall in any o.r manner wilfully neglect his or their duty therein & also
on any psons who being summoned & required to give Evidence before the s.d
Jury or Juries shall refuse or or neglect to appear or Aprearg. shall refuse to be sworn
or to give Evidence so that no such Fine be more than £10. nor less than 20
Shillings on any one person for one Offence.—

And it be further enacted that in case anysuch Jury shall
give in & deliver a Verdict for more & honey as the Amount of such Increase in Value as aforesaid
than what shall have been paid into the Bank of
England for the use of the sd owners or proprietors
. as the values of the Rights Int.s of
or shall give in & deliver a Verdict for more Money as the Values of the Right &
Interest of
such Occupier or Tenants resply in the sd ground than what shall have been offered
for the pchase thereof by the s.d Gov.r or Gov.rs in his or their Agent to any psoncapable

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