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capable of contractg. for the same the Costs & Expences of Summong & maintaing.
the Jury & Witnesses shall in each Case in which such greater Sum of Money shall
be given in by such Jury
be borne & paid by the s.d Gov.r or Gov..rs for wch he or
they shall receive a Compensat..n out of the same Fund as the Expence of the
Buildgs. to be erected on the s.d Gro.d but if such Jury shall in either, or both of
the said Cases
give in & deliver a
Verdict or Verdicts respectively for no more or for less Money than the Money which shall have been respectively
paid in or offered by such Gov.r or Gov.rs or his or their Agent then the Cost & Expences of
summoning. & maintaing. the s.d Jury & Witnesses attending such Verdict or Verdictswherein no more or less Money shall be given in than as afrd
togr with the Costs of the Witnesses resepectively summoned therein
shall be borne & paid by the pson
or psons with whom respective persons who gave Occasion for such Controversy or Dispute in which such Verdict or touchg. such Rights & Int:s as
Verdicts for such smaller Sum <add>or Sums</add>of Money was or were given in as afsd afs.d shall arise.

And be it further Enacted — that upon paym.t of the
Money so ordered & to be paid as a Compensat.n or Recompence to such Occupiers
being Tenants for Terms of Years or Tenants from year to year or at the Will reply for his &
their Rights & Interest or Rights & Interests in the sd Ground & premes or upon refusal or Inability
to receive the same leavg. the same in the hands of the Clerk of the Peace of
the s.d Co: of Surry for the use of the pson or pties entitled thereto & upon —
paymt into the sd Bank of Englandof the s.d Sum of £6,000 by the s.d Gov.r or Gov..rs to be appointed as
+ piece or pieces of Ground
together with such further piece in respect of such Increase in value as afsd
(if any) as shall be assessed by such Jury by virtue of this Act to and
afs.d into the Bank for the pchase of the Fee Simple & Inheritance of the s.d +
piece of Ground for the use of the psons or pties entitled thereto it shall be lawful

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