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Provided always

And be it further Enacted That when the s.d Penitenty.
house or Penitentiary Houses shall be Erected & fitted up the Male & Female no prisoner or Prisoners shall to be
without the Authority of Parliament confined therein shall be fed maintained cloathed employed & kept under such
Orders Powers Regulations & Restrictions as Parliament shall thereafter
from time to time judge fit & expedient & shall direct. —

Instrs to the Statr

Stet except as so such parts in the : or is as are scored through with a pen
expedient Provided that the Agreement respecting
no for in a
Allowances together with such a Copy of such Contract or Contracts
So much of this Cl.
to be left, as requires
the Contract to be
laid but both
houses & the Accts
of Expences —
as shall be entered into by pursuance of this Act shall be laid
before both houses of Parliament within days after executing the same
if Parliament shall be then sitting and if Parliament
shall not be then sitting within days after the first
Add Clause for
Limitatn of Actions
& General Issue +

Meeting of Parliament next ensuing and the
Allowances and all other Expences attending the Execution of this Act shall be laid before and annually provided for by Parliament.

And be it further enacted that all Actions Suits, prosecutions
to be commenced of any persons or persons for any thing alone in pursuance
of this Act shall be laid & tried in the s.d Co: of Surry & shall be commenced
within six Months after the part committed, not otherwise if any
Action or Suit still be brought or commenced agt any person or persons
for any thing done in pursuance of this Act every such Action or Suit
shall be brought or commenced within six or Months not
after the Fact committed not afterwards & still be laid & brought
in the Parties the A tried in the Co. of Middlesex & not
elsewhere & the Deft. or Defts. in such Action or shall & may plead the
General Issue & give this Act & the special Matter in Evidence at any Trial to
be part thereupon & that the same was done in pursuance & by the Authority
of this Act And if it shall appear to have been so done or if any such
Action or suit shall be brought after s. Time so limitted for bringing the
or in any other or place than as afr.t than & in every such fare
the Jury shall find for the Deft. or Defend.ts or if the ptt or ptts shall —

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