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the Dean and Chapter, as a proof (they say) of his taking fees from the
Inhabitants, and the submission of the Inhabitants to the payment of
such fees is a proof (it is added) of their not considering themselves as —
possessing an independent right, a right that can stand without a
permission from the Keeper, which to that purpose is the same thing with
a permission from his principals. Painted Boards are likewise frequently —
seen (though they frequently disappear) forbidding Rubbish to be deposited
but under direction of the Keeper, and forbidding absolutely the carrying off
the Soil: which however is oftentimes carried off in Carts by persons, some
of whom at least have been known to pay the Keeper so much a load for his
permission or connivance.

A sort of antipathy towards the Dean and Chapter prevails among
some of the leading people in the parishes, who complain of the body as disposed
to exactions and as manifesting something supercilious in their carriage
towards the persons entrusted with the management of the Parochial
concerns, but no specific grounds for any such charge present themselves.
The Dean and Chapter represent themselves as averse to litigation and the
truth of this representation seems to be confirmed by appearances. Many
instances occur of either indulgence or inattention to their rights: no instances
of a contrary tendency have as yet reached the writer of this paper. In a
Map of Tothill Fields in the possession of the Dean and Chapter and
dated no more than about 30 or 40 Years ago. 67 Acres or some such
matter is given as the quantity of the Land: and now not above 58
Acres or some such matter are to be found: the difference must have crumbled
away in encroachments. —

As to the use made of the Waste by the Westminster Scholars as a
place of exercise, there seems reason to think that in point of right it has
something more determinate than mere usage in support of it: and that it
is grounded in the Charter of Queen Elizabeth, which is the Charter of
foundation of that School. For in a Pamphlet by Dr Christopher Wilson
Prebend of Westminster published in 1757 — in opposition to the plan for
making a Square in Dean's Yard for the benefit of the School, it is said
"that the Royal and Illustrious foundress providing and assigning the
"very place, where the Youths were to recreate themselves out of School —
"Hours, had shewn herself as careful of their Health and liberty as of their
"Studies and their Morals" (b)

(b) Review of the project for building a new Square at Westminster — 8vo
P. 33. — London 1757. No Printer's name.


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