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part of the same Waste, not more than 4 or 500d Yards distant from
their present abode. —

The other parties interested (viz: the Dean and Chapter, the
Inhabitants of the United Parishes, and the Rector of Saint John's in his
capacity of Tythe owner) will have their compensation partly in —
Money, partly in kind i.e. in the shape of an allotment out of the
Waste and at any rate will have something instead of nothing.

As to the bulk of the Inhabitants, what herbage the Waste
affords, being in point of right shared amongst so many thousands (the
number in Saint Margaret's alone being estimated at 12,000) can be
no object to any one. The Interest of the consideration Money for the
portion proposed to be purchased would be an object of some account (c)
if applied in case of the Poor Rates, or rather (to make the distribution of the
compensation Money the more equable and apposite) in case (as is proposed)
of the Scavengers Rate: that being a rate to which many Inhabitants pay
who by poverty are excused from the Poor Rate, as appears by the 25th Geo: 2d
Ch: 23. above referred to being the Act for incorporating the Parishes of
saint Margaret and Saint John for these and other purposes.

In this the present Bill no mention (it may perhaps be observed) is
made of any consent on the part of any parties interested. In point
of fact no consent has been obtained, nor has any application been made for
that purpose, except to the Dean and Chapter, to whose public situation

(c) Number of Acres proposed to be purchased, clear of Roads, say — 34
Annual Value per Acre, say ——————————————————— £4
Annual Value of the Lot ———————————————————— 136
Number of Years purchase to be give, say ———————————— 30
Total compensation Money for the Lot proposed to be purchased} £4080
for the Penitentiary House ————————————————— }

Over and above the compensation Money (should any be awarded
for the 11 Acres proposed to be allotted to the Dean and Chapter for the use
of the Westminster Scholars) and the right of Leasing out or otherwise —
employing what will remain of the 5 or 6 Acres behind Rochester Row
after the allotment of about half an Acre for the Poor House proposed,
to be built in lieu of the existing Poor House.


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