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7. That such consent not being to be required by the Legislature need not
nor ought to be applied for on the part of Administration by whom if at
all the Bill will be brought forward.

8. That the attempt to act in concurrence with two such unwieldy
Bodies as a Vestry composed of 50 members, and the Dean & Chapter
who do not meet above two or three times in a Year would present such a
prospect of delay as no individual concerned in the execution of the measure
could expose himself to especially in addition to a chain of altogether
unexpected delays that have already consumed a period of between four
and five Years

9. That in a Case so perfectly in point as to have embraced the same
Parochial District and the same parties, an Act creating powers of the
same sort but much stronger and attended with prodigiously greater
hardship, and having much less strong if any, public ground for its
support was passed, not only without application for consent but against
a strong and general opposition, on the part of the parties principally

10. That the proposed improvement of the Waste cannot be rejected, but for
reasons which if admitted would set up a perpetual bar to its eve being
improved at all.

Whatever is necessary to be done, for the fulfilment of the purposes of
the Act, it was equally necessary should be capable of being done, by those
who are interested in the carrying the Act into effect, (Viz: the Feofees or
their nominees) alone in case of the non-concurrence of the other parties
otherwise the Act might pro tanto as well not be made. || But the parties are
trebly guarded from all injury on this score. Viz. 1. by the right of
concurring in the first instance. 2d by the right of applying to Chancery, at any
time, for a fresh commission, directed to Commissioners in the choice of
whom they would be heard: 3d by the right of Appeal from whatsoever
shall have been transacted by the Commissioners, whosoever they may have
been. Yet these applications, by Motion or Petition, will be vastly more —
beneficial to the parties than the ordinary mode of application by Bill,
inasmuch as the whole Body of Evidence will have been previously collected,
in a summary and efficient mode, by virtue of the powers given for that
purpose to the proposed Commissioners or Arbitrators.

|| No clause to this effect has however been inserted into the annexed Draught. It
was thought most prudent to suppress it, at least in the present stage.


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