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Among the numerous classes of cases, in which specific rights of property
are every day made to give way to public exigence or even convenience, an —"—
instance is perhaps hardly to be found, of a change so pregnant with —
advantage to the general mass of interests concerned, and at the same time
so clear of hardship. To the Neighbourhood it would afford not only a negative
security, by the removal of the source of danger above indicated, but a positive
safeguard, of no mean account. For the security of the Penitentiary House
itself, a numerous watch, upon a Plan of uninterrupted attendance —"—
will be kept, without as well as within the House; night as well as
day: so that all hours there will be an Armed Force upon the —
spot, unexposed to those jealousies which are apt to narrow the protection
derivable from the military, and in readiness to act, at a moment's
warning, for the quelling of Tumults or apprehending of —"—
Malefactors —

It would render the spot instead of an eyesore, an Ornament to —
the vicinity: by substituting to the miserable Poor-House, a magnificent
and elegant structure, and, to the present combination of swamps and —
laystalls, a cultivated spot, laid out upon a Plan in which Ornament would be combined with use.—

To the Westminster Scholars, it would afford an advantage as —"—
[+] a source, an apparent one at least,
of corruption, which of itself has been
known to operate with effect
on the minds of Parents, as
an objection to their intrusting
their children to that school.
flattering as it would be new and unexpected. At present, whatever benefit
they reap from the use of that dreary and ill looking expanse, in the —
way of sport and exercise, is subject to the perpetual intrusion of mean,
dangerous and unwelcome Company, of all sorts: [+] By the Bill, in compensation
for their undefined, right of roaming, over the whole waste, an —
allotment is made to the Scholars for their separate use, of giving them for their reservation a spot of ground for a Cricket
An association with the
Vodagus as they are called
by some or may explicitly
by others Blackguards to
which they are now subject
may in some instances at
least initiate the less
cautious scholars; in
of wit and in licenteries
reing and conversation
To which would not occur
in a place secluded from the
rest and it is a fact that
with some the present
scite of their play place and
the opportunities, its affords
prejudicial to their morals
of the Scholars, has been an
objective education
at school
Ground, the most elevated, healthy, and pleasant spot in the whole waste:
a retired Corner, containing not lessmore than half as much ground again as
is employed in the largest of the spots kept up for the purpose of a Cricket groundin the
Neighbourhood of the Metropolis: about 11 Acres instead of betweenabout 6 or
7 and 8 — And this appropriated Cricket-Ground, besides being Fenced
off, might and would, be put into such a state, as to be much better
adapted to the purpose of that pastime, than any part of the Waste
has ever been in as yet.—

As to the Paupers, the present Inhabitants of the Poor-House and —"—
their Successors, they will be put in the same plight and condition they are
in at present, with no other difference than the having a new House to live
in instead of an old one, & without removing further than to another

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