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it was looked upon as due, on the footing of a Compliment, No decided consent has
been received from that quarter: but such a tendlency at least to consent has —
been manifested, that it is in consequence of an intimation gives at a Chapter meeting
by the Dean in the name of the Chapter that the Clause empowering the treasury
to accept of a long lease instead of the fee has been inserted. That for a purpose
like the present no consent is necessary, is a point already (as above observed)
decided upon the Legislature: which has already subjected to the compulsive
powers in question, all the Lands within the four Counties, contiguous to
the metropolis; with no other exceptions than what are made in favor of —
the Pretium affectionis, in the instance of Dwelling Houses with their —

There is hardly any
neighbourhood at present
that would suffer so little as
that of this part of Westminster
The lower parts of Westminster
are almost proverbially
bad and can hardly be
rendered worse by the
vicinity of the proposed
or any other building —
The introduction of a prison
into a neighbourhood already
respectable would be the
of it and would reduce
the uses to almost nothing
be as those houses are occupied
by persons who cannot
pay much and who can have
no who
than those occupy
than against be any would be
affect produced

In the instance of the Parishes, no consent was reasonably to be hopedlooked
for, (as it seemed) under the circumstances of the Case. The Idea of setting down
a new and large Prison in the Neighbourhood, though it be such a —iii—
Neighbourhood, could not naturally be expected to be a Popular one: the —
advantage in point of easement of Poor rates, how substantial soever, could not
be presented before hand in any liquidated shape: particular inconvenience —
would naturally be apprehended on the part of those who by vicinage are in
the habit of making what little use is made of the universal right, by —
turning in their cattle where Air and a resting place at least are to be —"—
found for them, how little soever besides —

But a circumstance that seemed to leave vary little Chance of any thing of life
universal Concurrence, was a sort of Interest incapable of being compensated, —
because incapable of being avoidedavowed.. The Waste in Question has, wherever —"—
situation favored, been for a long time past and still continues to be —
(as already intimated) a subject of encroachment and peculation. In —
a Map, produced in the Chapter at a meeting on the occasion of the present
plan, the number of acres contained in what was then called Tothill —
Fields appeared to be 67 - or some such number at present not above
58 Acres can be made out, though the Map above spoken of is not —
above 30 years old or some such matter. The difference amounting at —
any rate to several Acres, has within that space of time been pilfered
by degrees by different individuals under favor of the inattention or —"—
facility of the Dean and Chapter on the one part, and on the —
other part with the privity (as has been said) and by the —"—
Connivance, or with the concurrence of the Tradesmen in whose hands
the management of the Parish Concerns has happened to be vested —
during that time.—

I Since this case was written a consideration part of the apparent deficiency has been accounted for

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