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7.......... That such Consent, not being to be required by the Legislature, need not be nor —
ought to be applied for in forming that on the Part of in the character of a necessary condition sine qua non, Government by whom if at all
the Bill will be brought forward. —

8.......... That the Attempt to act in all points in Concurrence with two such unwieldy Bodies —
as a Vestry composed of 50 Members, and the Dean and Chapter who
do not meet above two or three times in a Year
would present such a —
Prospect of Delay as no Individual concerned in the Execution of the Measure
could expose himself to, especially in Addition to a Chain of altogether — .. —
unexpected (not to say unexampled delays) Delays that have already consumed a Period of between five
and five six Years. —

9..........That, in a Case so perfectly in Point as to have embraced the same
Parochial District and the same Parties, an Act creating Powers of the —
same sort but much stronger and attended with prodigiously greater —
Hardship, and having much less strong (if any) public Ground for its —
Support, was passed, not only without Application for Consent but, against
a strong and general Opposition, on the part of the Paties principally
interested. —

10.......... That the proposed Improvement of the Waste cannot be rejected, but
for reasons, which, if admitted, would set up a perpetual Bar to its ever being
improved at all. Ends here

Whatever is necessary to be done, for the Fulfilment of the Purposes —
of the Act, it was equally necessary should be capable of being done by those
who are interested in the carrying the Act in to effect, (Viz: the Feoffees or —
their Nominees) alone, in case of the non-concurrence of the other Parties —
otherwise the Act might pro tanto as well not be made — || But the Parties are trebly
guarded from all Injury on this Score. Viz. 1st By the Right of .. —..—..—
concurring in the first Instance — 2d By the Right of applying to Chancery
at any time, for a fresh Commission, directed to Commissioners in the Choice
of whom they would be heard — 3.d By the Right of Appeal, from whatsoever
shall have been transacted by the Commissioners, whosoever they may have —
been. — And these Applications, by Motion or Petition, will be vastly more —
beneficial to the Parties, than the ordinary mode of Application by Bill, —
in as much as the whole Body of Evidence will have been previously
collected, in a summary and efficient Mode, by virtue of the Powers given for
that Purpose to the proposed Commissioners or Arbitrators. —

|| No Clause to this effect has, however, been inserted into the annext Draught
It was thought most prudent to suppress it, at least in the present stage.

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