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Case relative to the Tothill Fields Bill. —

continues to be (as already intimated) a subject of encroachment
and peculation. In a Map, produced in the Chapter at a
meeting on the occasion of the present plan ,the number of Acres
contained in what was then called Tothill Fields appeared to be
67 — or some such number at present not above 58 Acres can
be made out, though the Map above spoken of is not above
30 years old or some such matter*. The difference amounting at
any rate to several Acres, has within that space of time been
pilfered by degrees by different individuals under favor of the
inattention r facility of the Dean and Chapter on the one
part, and on the other part with the privity (as has been
said) and by the Connivance, or with the concurrence of the
Tradesmen in whose hands the management of the Parish
Concerns has happened to be vested during that time. —

Under these Circumstances, there are three descriptions
of Persons of whom naturally speaking, nothing could be
expected but that they should be disposed to throw every obstruction
possible in the way of the proposed appropriation —
1st The possession of the fruits of past encroachments, for which
on the occasion of any settlement of the property they would
naturally be apprehensive of being called to account — 2ly those
who have similar projects of Encroachment in contemplation and
3ly the private friends of both Classes, among such of the Vestrymen,
as are or have been in the habit of taking the lead in
the management of the Parochial concerns. These Encroachments,
by which a value, and that in point of affection a very high
one, may have been given a many an odd scrap of Ground,
which till then was in fact of no value at all to any body,
have derived a very natural origin, and in a very considerable
degree an excuse, from the sort of inattention above
spoken of. It might therefore be an act of extensive utility as
well as commendable indulgence, to insert into the Bill at a

* Since this case written a considerable part of the apparent
deficiency has been accounted for —.

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