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Case relative to the Tothill Fields Bill

aforesaid as Commoners on the other. This uncertainty will be
continually increasing, while by Encroachment the very Subject
matter itself will be as continually crumbling away. The benefit
reaped by the Dean and Chapter being nothing, and the benefit
to the Commoners being, in the instance of a vast majority of
them, next to nothing, neither party has ever found any
adequate inducement for engaging in that tedious and expensive
course of Litigation, without which in the ordinary mode
of proceeding the uncertainty could not be removed, particularly
the Dean and Chapter, a body composed of Individuals advanced
in Life, and whose Interest in the Premises does not survive to
their natural representatives: and as the Subject-Matter of the
Investigation grows less and less so would the Inducement to
engage in it. — The present Bill, while for the first time it
gives a value to these Interests, provides a summary mode of
procedure for establishing their relative amount, an assistance
which (it has been already shewn) could not with any Degree
of consistency be afforded by the Legislature on any future occasion,
if on the present occasion it were to be refused.

Upon the whole therefore, the following points will it
is supposed be found sufficiently established —
1. That the Plan itself would, in the opinion of the Legislature,
be a considerable National Benefit.
2. That the choice of the spot in question would not upon
the whole prejudicial to the Neighbourhood of that spot.
3. That on the contrary it would be beneficial to the Neighbourhood.
4...That with as few and as slight exceptions (if any) as in
the case of such a Transmutation can occur, it would be beneficial
to every description of Persons interested in point of
propriety of right.
5...That at the same time, under the Circumstances of
the case, no express general consent could reasonably be to
be expected.


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