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Case relative to the Tothill Fields Bill.1 Case

Stating the Grounds of the Bill for appropriating
a part of Tothill Fields, to the reception of a Penitentiary
House, intended to be erected, under the Penitentiary Contract
Act, of the 7th July 1794. —

The Waste Spot, known by the name of Tothill Fields
contains at present in the Gross, about 58 Acres; including the Scite
of Rochester Row, and that of the Old Pile of Buildings,
called the Five Chimnies, used in the time of the Great
Plague as a Pest-House(a), and for this long time, and probably ever
since that time, as a Poor-House: (which two Scites together may
occupy about two Acres of the extent) and the space employed in
Roads, which may occupy about 6 or 8 Acres. —

The Westminster Scholars, as stated in the Bill, make use of
the Waste as a Cricket Ground — A considerable part of it, to the amount
of several Acres, is in a swampy state, both Summer and Winter: a
much more considerable part, in Winter: the whole of the Portion lying
behind Rochester Row, amounting to upwards of 6 Acres, is altogether
unproductive; being without a single blade of Grass upon it: and a
considerable part of the remainder is equally bare of Herbage, the surface
being continually covered by fresh Loads of Rubbish promiscuously shot
down upon it.

The situation has been noticed, in popular Songs, as a place of
resort for disorderly and dishonest company: and, for the purpose of
seditious meetings and enterprizes, it could, so long as it continues in its
present state, afford at any time a Spot but too commodious: commodious,
not only by reason of the magnitude of its expanse, but on account of its
being Common land: that is, a Spot on which persons of all descriptions
and designs, have a right to place themselves, and in any
numbers, without being liable to be warned off, and dealt with as
Trespassers, as they might be if it were private Ground. —

(a)Stowes Survey of London by Strype.

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case relative to the tothill fields bill




case / stating the grounds of the bill for appropriating a part of tothill fields, to the reception of a penitentiary house, intended to be erected, under the penitentiary contract act, of the 7th july 1794


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