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Case relative to the Tothill Fields Bill.

From this Circumstance, added to that of its comparative vicinity
to the King's residence, and to Westminster Hall, it would afford
(especially since St. Georges Fields has been so much overspread with
Buildings) the readiest place of Meeting, for any enterprize of insolence
or hostility, against the King the two Houses of Parliament or
the Courts of Justice.

The immediate Neighborhood of the Waste is occupied in an
extraordinary proportion by public Buildings of the meaner cast:
Prisons, Poor Houses, Alms Houses, Charity Schools and Hospitals.
The Waste itself affords already a Scite to two Prisons Tothill Fields
Bridewell, and another erected in lieu of the Gate House; that stood
at the end of Tothill Street. There is not a House of any account
within view of it, but Grosvenor House (occupied at present by Lord
Belgrave) and that is very near half a mile from the proposed
Scite of the intended Penitentiary House, viz: the Scite of the above
mentioned Old Poor House.

The Five Chimney Poor House affords lodgment to eight different
Persons or Families: who are put in by the Parish Officers of Saint
Margarets; as also to the under Keeper of the Waste, appointed by the Keeper who is appointed by the
Dean and Chapter of Westminster.

The Dean and Chapter of the Collegiate Church of Saint Peter
at Westminster being Lords of the Liberty of Westminster stand in relation
to this Waste in the predicament in which the Lord of the Manor
stands in relation to otherWastes. Hitherto they have not derived
from this their Seigniory the smallest pecuinary emolument; their
only advantage, such as it is, consists in the having the appointment
of the Keeper of the Waste, who neither gives them any thing, nor
receives any thing from them, on account of his office.

In other points, the Dean and Chapter on the one part, and
the United Parishes on the other, are by no means agreed as to their
respective rights: the Inhabitants claim and exercise the right of
Pasture and depositing Rubbish: this the Dean and Chapter do
not oppose in fact, but say it is by their allowance: and they claim a

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case relative to the tothill fields bill




case / stating the grounds of the bill for appropriating a part of tothill fields, to the reception of a penitentiary house, intended to be erected, under the penitentiary contract act, of the 7th july 1794


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