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Case relative to the Tothill Fields Bill

That in that instance the insuperable, and one may almost say
radical, unfitness of the Spot for the Species of Improvement in
question, was at least among the causes of failure, will appear the more
probable, the more fully the history of the attempts of a similar
kind, that have been made in that vicinity, comes to be understood.
If the Plan, presented by the Adams's about the Year 1760, met with
so little encouragement, it was because, at that early period
(it may be
said) the Country and the Metropolis were not as yet ripe for it. But an
attempt made at a much more recent period - at the most favourable
period know, and in a situation which, though contiguous,
presents the same advantages in a much superior degree has been
equally unsuccessful. Parallel to the course of the Thames, between
Tothill Fields and the River, runs a tract of Land, stretching
from Grosvenor House to the Wharf called Thames Wharf in a
line running (without any interruption worth noticing) through a
length of from 700 to 800 Yards, along the River Wall, and
extending in depth from about 400 to about 250 Yards as far
as Tothill Fields, by which it is all along bounded on the other
side. This Land has for its proprietor a single Person (the Marquis
of Salisbury) whose title is without dispute and his right without
controul, unfettered by Settlement or Leases. The time is not
exactly known, but it was within these 6 or 8 Years, before, but not
long before, the breaking out of that War which has thrown all
improvement of that kind to so melancholy a distance, that a
Projector of new Towns obtained so much Credit with the noble
proprietor, as to have been let into possession of the property, in
confidence of his covering it with Streets and Squares, upon a
plan outvying in magnificence even that of the Adams's: but,
so compleatly did the event fail of realizing these brilliant expectations,
so impracticable was it found to procure so much as a single
foundation to be laid, that the object was no longer how to get the land
covered with buildings, but how to get it back out of the hands of the projector
or his Assignees in its naked state: nor was even this latter

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