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8 Case relative to the Tothill Fields Bill.

As to the bulk of the Inhabitants, what Herbage the
Waste affords, being in point of right shared amongst so many
thousands (the number in St. Margarets alone being estimated at
12,000) can be no object to any one. The Interest of the Consideration
Money for the Portion proposed to be purchased would be an object
of some account if applied in case of the Poor-rates, or rather (to
make the distribution of the Compensation Money the more equal
and opposite) in case (as is proposed) of the Scavengers Rate; that
being a rate to which many Inhabitants pay, who by poverty
are excused from the Poor rate: as appears by the 25th Geo 2d Ch 23d
above referred to — being the Act for incorporating the Parishes
of St Margarets and St. John, for these and other purposes. —

In the present Bill no mention (it may perhaps be observed)
is made of any consent on the part of any of the Parties interested.
In point of fact no consent has been obtained, nor has any
application been made for that purpose, except to the Dean &
Chapter, to whose public situation it was looked upon as due on
the footing of a Compliment. No decided consent has been received
from that quarter; but such a tendency at least to consent has
been manifested, that it is in consequence of an intimation
given, at a Chapter Meeting, by the Dean in the name of the
Chapter, that the Clause empowering the Treasury to accept of a
long Lease instead of the fee has been inserted. That, for a
purpose like the present, no consent in necessary, is a point already
(as above observed) decided upon by the Legislature; which has
already subjected to the compulsive powers in question, all the
Lands within the four Counties contiguous to the Metropolis,
with no other exception than what are made in favour of the
Pretium affectionis, in the instance of Dwelling Houses with
their appurtanences.

For the instance of the Parishes, no consent was reasonably
to be looked for (as it seemed) under the Circumstances of the
case. The Idea of setting down a new and large Prison in

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