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Tothill Fields Bill. Heads

Sect. 3. p.10
Treasury may accept
of a long Lease
instead of the

Sct. 3. Power to the Treasury to accept (instead of in perpetuity of a Lease
for 1000 Year instead of the Per from the Dean
& Chapter, if confirmed by the other parties.

§ 4. p. 11
Lot B (11 3/4 Acres Gross)
allotted to the D. &
Chapter for a Cricket
Ground for the Scholars.

Sect. 4. Allotment of Lot B (containing about 11 3/4 Acres) to the Dean & Chapter
for a Cricket Ground for the King's Scholars of the
King's School, in recompen compensation for their
at present unlimited right, that they may take their exercise
themselves free from disturbance & by mean and improper

§. 5. p. 19
Lot C (A 6.R 0. P19 Gross)
the Portion behind
Rochester Row allotted
to the Dean
and Chapter Parties
for divers purposes —
in portions and on
conditions to be liquidated

Sect. 5. Eventual Allotment of Lot C (being the portion West of Rochester
Row containing about 6 acres) to the Dean
& Chapter and the 2 Parishes other Parties for
divers purposes — part for a new Poor House in
or Almshouse in the room of the Five Chimney House
which stores encumbers Lot A and must be pulled
down — the Remainder to be either retained by
the Dean & Chapter or granted out by them to
the other Parties respectively according to the award
of the Commissioners hereafter spoken of.

§ 6. A p. 16,
Commissioners to
be appointed by the
Parties to settle
their respective rights

Appointment of Four Commissioners for liquidating the
rights of the several Parties. — Feoffe Dean & Chapter
Rector of St John's, United Vestry and Feoffee to
name each of these one. Power to Commissioners
or any three two or one of them, to call for papers and examine the Parties upon
Oath —.

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