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2 Heads of the Tothill Fields Inclosure Bill

held independently of, or under, the Dean and Chapter) and in the
mean time in the purchase of Government Securities.

3.ly As to Lot B to determine whether any and what satisfaction is to
be made by the Dean and Chapter in respect thereof to the United Parishes

4.ly As to Lot C 1st to allot the Land for the new Alms House. 2.ly To
determine as between the Dean and Chapter and the United
Parishes, which part, if any, of this Lot shall respectively be allotted
to them in kind. — Whether the Parishes shall hold their part if
any, under, or independently of, the Dean and Chapter — Whether
the share allotted to either shall be subjected to a Lease or Rent charge
for the benefit of the other — Whether either party shall receive any
Compensation Money from the other — and if so how the Compensation
Money shall be laid out. — [1]

§§. 8.
Dean and Chapter indemnified
by the Treasury
against the being Money
in advance. —

Sect. 8. Dean and Chapter indemnified by the Treasury against
being Money out of Pocket upon the whole, or in advance, by reason of
any Compensation Money to be eventually allowed by them in
respect of the Cricket Ground. —

§§. 9.
Compensation to the Parishoners
for Lot A. —

Sect. 9. Compensation to the Parishoners in respect of their rights of
Common, to be vested (whether in Money or in Land) in Trustees named
in joint Vestry, and to be applied in case of the Scavengers Rate. [2]

§§. 10
Rights of shooting Rubbish
received to the Parishoners
and thrown upon Lot A.

Sect.. 10. Lot A alone charged with the obligation of receiving Rubbish:
hours between half an hour after Sunrise and half an hour

[1] The Powers given to the Commissioners in this behalf are made as
comprehensive as possible for the purpose of affording them every possible
facility for meeting the wishes of the Parties, according to the quantity
of legal Interest which they may be found respectively to possess. It
has been understood that the Parishes wish for Land whereupon to
build a new Poor House. The allotment above made of a part of
the Land instead of its being added to the Spot designed for the
purpose of the Penitentiary Establishment had principally in view
the meeting of that wish.

[2] The right of Common being supposed to belong equally to all the
Parishoners, or at least to all the Householders, of the two Parishes, it
was thought just to extend the benefit of the compensation to all who pay
to the Scavengers rate that is to as many as it could be extended to,
many paying to that rate who do not pay to the Poors rate. There seemed
no other way in which a benefit to so small an amount could be extended
to, and shared in an equable manner among so large a
number of Individuals. It is hoped that upon this Plan all who
shared or could have shared in the benefit take way will be
sharers in the Compensation.

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