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Heads of the Tothill Fields Inclosure Bill. 3

before Sunset Feoffee to assign the particular Spot: if inconvenient
appeal to the Sessions.

§§. 11.
Mode of laying out the
purchase Money for Lot
A if in Government
Securities. —

Sect. 11 Mode of investing in Government Securities the purchase
Money for Lot A. —

1st Dean and Chapter share in 4 Trustees — 2 named by the Dean
and Chapter 2 by the Feoffee.

2ly Parishes share in 4 Trustees — 2 named by the Parishes 2 by the
the Feoffee. —

3ly Money belonging jointly to both Parties. in 3 Trustees — one named by
each, the 3d by the Feoffee. —

§§. 12
Business how to be transacted
by the Commissioners.

Sect. 12. Mode of transacting business at the Meetings of the Commissioners —
Place and times of attendance.

§§. 13.
Vacancies among Commissioners
supplied. —

Sect. 13. Provisions for filling up eventual vacancies in the number
of the Commissioners.

§§. 14
Roads Fences Drains
&c how to be set out
made and kept in repair.

Sect. 14. Feoffee, with concurrence of 2 Justices, empowered to set out
limitted Roads in lieu of the unlimitted rights of way over Portions
A and B. and (if necessary for the Security of the Establishment)
to stop up any such as may be spared without inconvenience: and in
regard to such as may be necessary, to divert them if needful from their
present course to a more convenient direction over any other Ground
purchased for the Establishment. Compensation for damage to
Individuals by a Jury at the Sessions as by the Highway Act 13 Geo
3c . The Commissioners abovementioned empowered to set out the
requisite Roads on and for Lot C. Feoffee to put and keep in repair
the Roads leading over and contiguous to Lots A and B
and to keep up or make and keep the requisite Drains and
Bridges. —

§§. 15.
Power to pull down the
Five Chimneys. —

Sect. 15. Feoffee empowered to pull down the Five Chimney
Alms-House or Poor House: as the space occupied by it and the resort
to it would interfere with the Security and good order of the intended
Penitentiary House.

§§. 16.
Feoffee to erect on Lot C a
new Poor House in lieu
of the Five Chimneys. —

Sect. 16. Feoffee to erect on a part of Lot C a new Poor-House
with Apartments, Out Houses, and Yards; as separate and extensive
as in the existing Poor House — All rights existing with reference to
the existing Poor House to be transferred to the new one. —

§§. 17
Compensation to the
Inhabitants in the
mean time.

Sect. 17. Feoffee to make an allowance to the Inhabitants of the
Five Chimneys for expence of removal, and a weekly allowance for
Lodging till the new House is ready for their reception. — Appeal
to 2 Justices in Case of insufficiency or non payment of the allowance.
Order to be enforced upon Feoffee as upon as Overseer of the Poor. —

Sect. 18

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