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St. John in the City and Liberty of Westminster and within the said
County of Middlesex hath, hath by the Commissioners of his Majesty's
Treasury, been deemed a proper and Convenient Spot of Ground whereon
or on a part whereof (with the adition of a competent quantity of
such of the other Lands thereto adjacent as shall be purchased under
the said Act) such Penitentiary House in Penitentiary Houses may be

And whereas the said waste Spot is situate within the
Manor Franchise or Liberty of Westminster and the Lordship thereof
is in the Dean and Chapter of the Collegiate Church of Saint
Peter at Westminster.

And whereas the Inhabitants of the Parishes of St. Margaret
and St. John aforesaid have immemorially exercised and claim
to be intitled to divers commonable Rights or Privileges in and
upon the said Spot of Ground.

And whereas by an Act of the 25th year of the Reign of
his late Majesty King George the second intitled "An Act for the
"better relief and employment of the Poor in the Parish of St. Margaret
"and St. John the Evangelist in the City of Westminster and for cleansing
"the Streets and repairing the Highways within the said Parishes" — the
said two Parishes are united and incorporated as far as relates to those
purposes, and the joint concerns of the said united Parishes as far as
the same concerns relate to the aforesaid purposes are in pursuance of
the said Act managed by a joint Vestry composed of the Inhabitants
of the said two Parishes assembled in the Vestry Room of the Parish
Church of St. Margarets aforesaid and in particular the concerns of the
Poor of the same Parish are managed under the Controul of the said
joint Vestry by 50 Persons Intitled Governors and Directors of the Poor
who are nominated as to 30 of them by the Churchwardens and
Vestrymen of St. Margarets aforesaid and as to the other twenty of them
by the Churchwardens and Vestrymen of St. Johns aforesaid.

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a bill for explaining and amending an act made in the 34 year of his present majesty intituled "an act for erecting a penitentiary house or houses for confining and employing convicts"


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see note 3 to letter 1392, vol. 6

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