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And whereas the said Waste lies partly in the said Parish
of St Margaret (which is a perpetual Curacy, the Rectory thereof being
Impropriated in the hands of the said Dean and Chapter and no Tythes
being customarily paid thereto) and partly in the said Parish of St
John aforesaid which is a Rectory.

And whereas dodoubts have arisen whether whether the Provision in the the Provisions in the
said Act of the 7th July 1794 extend to Lands which are subject to
commonable Rights so as to discharge such Commonable Rights inasmuch
much as no Provision is by the same Act made for a compensation
to the Persons intitled to those Rights.

May it therefore please Your Majesty
That it be That it be Enacted And be it Enacted
by the King's Most Excellent
Majesty by and with the advice and consent
of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons
in this present Parliament assembled, and by the
Authority of the same,

That it shall and may be lawful to and for
any such Feoffee or Feoffees when appointed to treat in manner following
(Vizt) as to the said Dean and Chapter, with the Dean for the time
being, or in case of a Vacancy in the Office of Dean, then during such
Vacancy, with the Person who for the time being shall be the Senior
Prebend of the said Chapter in point of standing And as to Inhabiting
of the said united Parishes of Saint Margaret and Saint John with
the Vestrymen for the time being of the said united Parishes in joint
Vestry assembled or the major Part of them And as to the Rector of
the said Parish of St John with the Rector for the time being of the
same Parish, or in case of a Vacancy in the said Rectory then during
such Vacancy with the Patron for the time being of the said Rectory
for the purchase in one entire Bargain of their respective Rights estates
and Interests in to and out of all or any part of such Portion of the


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a bill for explaining and amending an act made in the 34 year of his present majesty intituled "an act for erecting a penitentiary house or houses for confining and employing convicts"


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