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said Waste called Tothill Fields as in the Schedule annexed to this
Act marked A is described as Lot A containing (after a Deduction for
Roads) about 34 Acres more or Less and every or any Part thereof
and that every Conveyance and assurance to be made by the said
Dean or Senior Prebend Vestryman and Rector or Patron respectively
for the purposes of the said Act shall be as binding and effectual
in Law as if the said Lot A were the absolute property in far Simple
of such Personss so conveying and assuring respectively and absolutely
discharged of and from the said Commonable Rights and way of
them except the Right or priviledgeof shooting Rubbish under the
Provision hereinafter contained in that behalf.

And be it further Enacted that at any time after
the appointment of such Feoffee or Feoffees as aforesaid It shall
and may be lawful to and for such Feofee or Feoffees to
pay into the Bank of England in manner directed by the said Act
of the 7th Day of July 1794 such Sum of Money as he or they shall
think a reasonable Price for the said Lot A or such Part thereof as
the said Lord High Treasurer of Commissioners of the Treasury shall
have fixed upon To the End that the same may be purchased under
the Powers of this Act and shall give written Notices of such Payment
to the said Parties respectively by affixing the same upon a principal
Door of each of the three Churches of Saint Peter Saint John and
Saint Margaret aforesaid and by delivering to or at the several and
respective abodes of such Dean or Senior Prebend Rector or Patron of
the Rectory of the Saint Johns and some one Churchwarden or Overseer
of the Poor of either of the said united Parishes Copies of such Notice
and the said Dean or in case of a Vacancy the said Senior Prebend
for the time being on the one Part and also the major part
of the Vestrymen of the said united Parishes in joint Vestry assembled
on behalf of the Parishioners of the same Parish on the 2nd Part
and the said Rector or in case of a Vacancy the Patron for the

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a bill for explaining and amending an act made in the 34 year of his present majesty intituled "an act for erecting a penitentiary house or houses for confining and employing convicts"


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