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Tothill Fields Inclosure Bill
Lease for not less than
1000 years instead of Fee at
option of Dean and Chapter

Provided always And be it further Enacted that if the
said Dean and Chapter should in preference to the absolute conveyance
of the said lot A on their Interest therein choose rather to convey the
same in the way of Lease for a long Term of Years (at a pepper Corn or other
reserved rent) with or without the further Consideration of a fine or fines
payable at certain or contingent periods and the Person so appointed to treat
on their behalf as aforesaid shall make such his Election by giving to
the Lord High Treasurer or Commissioners of the Treasury notice thereof
in writing within on Calendar Month after notice shall be given of the
said Spots being so fixed upon for the purposes of the said Act then and
in such case it shall be lawful to and for the said Lord High Treasurer
or Commissioners of the Treasury at his or their discretion and only
in case he or they shall think fit to accept of such Lease from the
said Dean and Chapter (the same being duly confirmed by the said
other Parties and their right bound or extinguished) in him of such
absolute conveyance, such Lease not being for a Term of less than a
thousand Years.

Allotment of Lot B for a
bucket ground for the
Kings scholars

And whereas ever since the institution of His Majesty's
School at Westminster founded by Queen Elizabeth of Glorious memory the said
Waste hath under the authority and by the allowance of the said Dean and
Chapter and without any restriction as to any particular part thereof been
accustomed to be made use of as a place of Exercise and recreation for
Cricket or other Sports requiring a large extent of Ground to the amount
of several Acres, by the Scholars of the said School, and the said Scholars
would be deprived of the said benefit of provision were not herein made
for the continuance of the same in the Division and appropriation
of the said Waste.


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