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Tothill Fields Inclosure Bill

respective Interests to have a Portion of the said Waste allotted to them in
severally discharged of the said commonable rights instead of receiving a
pecuniary Compensation to the same Amount in Value.

And whereas the said two united Parishes or Trustees on their behalf have
been accustomed to hold and do at present hold on Lease from the said
Dean and Chapter Lands and Tenements to a very considerable amount.

Be it further Enacted that lot C as described in Schedule
C to the Act annexed containing about six acres more or less being that
part of the said Waste which his West of Rochester Row and also of a right
line drawn in continuation of the said Row to the road called the Willow
Walk shall be and the same is hereby allotted to the said Dean and Chapter
their Successors and Assigns in fee Simple discharged of the said commonable
rights subject nevertheless to the trusts hereinafter mentioned (that is to say).
In the first place to permit and suffer the Commissioners or Arbitrators hereinafter
mentioned to mark out and allot a proper and convenient spot on
which there shall be built a new Poor House or range of Poor houses in
lieu of the Old Poor House or range of Poor Houses called the Five Chimneys
now standing upon or encompassed by the said Lot A and in the next
Place to grant either the whole of the residue of the said Lot C or such
part or Portions (if any) as by the said Commissioners or Arbitrators they
shall be required and awarded to grant to or for the benefit of the Inhabitants
of the said united Parishes and the said Rector of St Johns
respectively for such times and upon such conditions and for such
consideration in Money or in Annual rent in fines payable at stated
Periods as shall be specified in the award or awards to be made by
such Commissioners or Arbitrators in manner hereinafter mentioned.

And whereas the said Lots A and B are severally situated
within the said Parish of St John.

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