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Tothill Fields Inclosure Bill §.6.
Appointment of Commissioners
or Arbitrators for settling Differences.

And whereas the said Parish is a Rectory and the Rector thereof
would on a Division of such Part of the said Waste as is situate within the
said Parish be entitled to an Allotment of land in lieu of the Tythes
payable to him & his successors or to a compensation for the same Tythes.

And whereas doubts have arisen between the said Dean and Chapter
on the one part and the said unlimited Parishes on the other part touching the
nature and extent of their respective Interests in the said waste.

And whereas there is reason to apprehend that the said doubts cannot
be decided in the ordinary course of Justice or without such delay as would
be incompatible with the purposes of this act Be it therefore Enacted that
for settling and adjusting the several matters hereinafter mentioned four
Arbitrators or Commissioners shall be appointed in manner hereinafter expressed
(that is to say) one by the said Dean or in case of a vacancy by the said
Senior Prebend another by the major part of the vestry men for the time being
of the said united Parishes or third by the said Rector of Saint Johns or in
case of a Vacancy by the Patron for the time being and a fourth by the
said Feofee or Feofees and that the said Commissioners or Arbitrators when
appointed shall from time to time meet and sit for enquiring into and
settling the said matters and things and making their award or awards
concerning the same and that the said Commissioners shall have full
power and authority and they are hereby authorized by writing under their
Hands to summons before them all or any of the said Parties touching
the said matters or any of them and also to require the Production before
them the sad Commissioners or arbitrators of all Deeds Papers Writings and
records in the Custody or Possessions of all or any one or more of the said
Parties and to examine the same Party or Parties on Oath or being a
Quaker or Quakers on his or their solemn affirmation touching all or
any of the matters in difference and that it shall and ma be lawful

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