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Tothill Fields Inclosure Bill

such Lands and Tenements shall be granted or Leased.

Dean and Chapter to be
indemnified by the Feofees
against any overplus of
compensation Money for the
Cricket Ground beyond their
share in the lot purchased
by the Feoffees.

Provided always and it is hereby Enacted that if any
Money shall be awarded to be paid by the said Dean and Chapter to
or for the benefit of both or either of them the said united Parishes and
the said Rector of St Johns on account of their or either of their respective
Interests in the said lot B and the amount of the Money to be paid
by the said Dean and Chapter shall exceed the Amount of the share
of the said Dean and Chapter in the purchase Money to be paid by
the said Feoffee or Feoffees to the said Dean and Chapter or their respective
Successors for the said lot A as aforesaid then and in such case the
Surplus shall be paid by the said Feoffee or Feoffees on behalf and in
exoneration and discharge of the said Dean and Chapter and their successors.

Application of the Monies to
be paid in compensation for
rights of Common

And it is hereby further Enacted and Declared that
the Money which shall be allotted to or for the benefit of the said united
Parishes as a Compensation for the commonable Rights of the Parishioners
of the same and also the Lands which shall be purchased with the
same Money shall be vested in Trustees of the Nomination of the said
Parishioners in Vestry assembled to be held by such Trustees their Heirs
Executors Administrators and Assigns according to the nature and quality
of the same Upon trust that the rests Interest or Income thereof
respectively shall be applied in Aid and discharge of such part of the rate
or Assessment made in Virtue of the said Act of the 25th Year of his
said late Majesty as shall be appropriated for cleansing the streets and
repairing the Highways in the said Parishes And that from and after
entry made in and upon the said several lots A, B and C, respectively
under and by virtue of this Act, all right of Common and to tithes in
or upon the said lots of Portions of the said Waste (other than and except
the right of shooting rubbish in and upon part of the Lands comprized

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