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aforesaid It shall and may be lawful to and for the said two last
mentioned Justices to make an order for stopping up of such unnecessary
way or ways and for opening and maintaining such new Way or Ways
(if any) as they shall deem proper to be opened and maintained in and
upon the said Lot A or any such other Lands to be purchased as
aforesaid in lieu of such Way or Ways so ordered to be stopped up in
like manner as any order may be made for diverting or stopping up
any Highway under and by virtue of the statute of the 13th year
of his present Majesty "For the Amendment and preservation of the Highways"
and that the said Commissioners or Arbitrators shall on their part
in the first place set out in like manner such public and private ways
as they shall deem proper in and upon the said Lot C except in and
upon such part thereof of where sufficient ways shall ave been previously
set out by such Feoffee or Feoffees and marked and expressed in such survey
as is above mentioned as leading over and bordering upon the said Lots A
and B or one of them in manner hereinafter mentioned.-

Provided always and be it enacted that if any Person or Persons
shall think himself herself or themselves Injured by the stopping of all or
any part of such way or ways in manner abovementioned It shall and
may be lawful to and for every such Person to obtain Satisfaction for
such Injury of the said Feoffee or Feoffees by a Jury to be impanelled
at any general Sessions of the Peace for the County of Middlesex in like
manner as under and by virtue of the said act of the 13th Year of
His present Majesty for the Amendment and Preservation of the Highways
Satisfaction may be obtained from a Surveyor appointed as
therein mentioned by any Person injured by the enlarging or diverting
of any Highway under the said Act.

Provided also and be it further enacted that the said
Feoffee or Feoffees and his and their succession and successors shall


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