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And whereas it hath been found that the greatest Part of the Houses
in and about Dean's-Yard, and upon several Parcels of Ground contiguous
thereto, are old, and ruinous, and many of them empty and untenantable for
want of Repairs; and that the Ground and Premises aforesaid will be a very
convenient Sitution awhereupon to build divers proper and commodious
Houses to serve as Boarding-Houses for the Scholars of the said School, and
for the Reception of other Families who may be willing to reside near the
said School for the Reasons aforesaid; and which, together with divers of the
Prebendal Houses belonging to the Chapter of Westminster, and the House
appropriated for the Use of the Head Master of the said School, will
form a large Square very near unto the said School, the Area od which
Square will be a safe and commodious Place for the said Scholars to
assemble in, for carrying on their Recreations and Amusements at proper
Seasons; and it hah also been found, that if one or more proper Streets
were opened at the End or on the Sides of the said proposed Square, the
same would be conducive to the Good of the School, by hindering the Place
called Dean's-Yard from being used as a Thorough-fare in such manner
as it is at present, and would make a very commodious and useful Communication
between that Part of Westminster which is situate near the
New-Bridge, and the remote Parts of the said City lying towards the
South; and that such Square and Buildings would be extremely conducive
to the Benefit of the Parishes of Saint Margaret and Saint John the Evangelist
in Westminster aforesaid; and would not only be very useful towards
the good Government of the said School, but also an Ornament to the
said City of Westminster, and greatly advantageous to the Publick in general:

And whereas the said William Markham and Thomas Salter are willing
and desirous to purchase or otherwise to become possessed of the said Piece
of Ground called Dean's-Yard, and other Pieces of Ground contiguous
thereto, and the Messuages or Tenements situated thereon, in order for
making and laying open such Square and Streets, and building suitable
Houses thereupon for the Purposes aforesaid, and have raised a Sum of Money
for that Purpose:

And whereas by much the greatest Part of the Ground and Houses
necessary to be bought and made use of for the Purposes aforesaid, is the
Freehold of the Dean and Chapter of the Collegiate Church of Saint Peter
at Westminster, who are willing and consenting to have such intended
Scheme carried into Execution, and to grant and demise unto the said
William Markham and Thomas Salter, their Executors, Administrators
and Assigns, a sufficient Quantity of the said Ground, Houses and
Buildings, upon a Building Lease or Leases for a long Term of Years, under
a certain yearly Rent or Rents, and without taking any Fine or Fines
for the same, subject to such Restrictions and Saving-Clauses as herein after
are mentioned; but by reason of the Laws now in being, and because divers
of the said Estates are now under Settlement, or are the Property of
Infants, and other Persons by Law unable to convey; the said William Markham

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