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Markham and Thomas Salter will not be able to perfect their intended
Scheme. without the Authority of an Act of Parliament:

Therefore, for encouraging a Design so useful and beneficial to the
Publick, Your MAJESTY'S most faithful Subjects, William Markham and
Thomas Salter,

Do humbly beseech Your most Excellent MAJESTY,

That it may be Enacted; And be it Enacted, by the KING's most
Excellent MAJESTY, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords
Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled,
and by the Authority of the same, That the said William Markham and
Thomas Salter, and the Survivor of them, and the Heirs, Executors, Administrators,
and Assigns of such Survivor, shall, from and after the twenty-fourth
Day of June, One thousand Seven hundred and Fifty-five, for the
Space of five Years, thence next ensuing, and no longer, have full power
and Authority, at their own proper Costs and Charges, to design,
assign, lay out, open, make and build a New Square, not exceeding in
the Clear Four hundred Feet in Breadth and Five hundred Feet in Length,
extending and to extend from the Gate going out of Dean's-Yard into
the Cloysters Southward towards the Bowling-Alley, and Westward towards
a certain Street or Way called the New-Way; and also to open and build
such Streets and Avenues into and out of the said Square, as shall be deemed
necessary; and also, to lay out, design, and build one or more Street or
Streets contiguous to such proposed Square, of such Depth and Dimensions
and in such manner as shall be approved of and directed by the Commissioners
constituted and appointed by this Act or any Five or more
of them assembled together for that Purpose; according to a Plan to be
approved of by the Dean and Chapter of the Collegiate Church of Saint
Peter at Westminster; and also to build and erect, or cause to be built and
erected, on the North, West, and South Sides of such proposed Square,
and in such Streets and Avenues to be opened as aforesaid, good and substantial
Houses, with proper Outhouses, Offices, and Buildings behind
the same, and of such Depth and Depths as shall be found necessary and

Provided nevertheless, that in case such intended Square shall be
laid out and built, that then the said William Markham and Thomas Salter,
and the Survivor of them, and the Heirs, Executors, Administrators, or
Assigns of such Survivor, shall, at his and their own proper Costs and
Charges, lay out and build a Street to contain in Breadth not less than
thirty-five Feet, leading to, and to lead from Tothill-Street to Great Smith-Street,
to remain at all Times as and for a free and open Street for Passage
for the Use of the Publick; and that such Street shall be so laid out, opened,
and built, as near to the back Part of the Houses, that shall be built on
the West-Side of the said Square, as may be. Provided

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