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Provided always, and be it Enacted by the Authority aforesaid,
That the Streets and Avenues leading into and out of the said Square,
and all such other Streets as shall be opened contiguous to the said
Square, shall be of the Breadth of thirty-five Feet at least; and shall
be made, laid out, and kept open at all Times, as free and open Streets
or Passages for the Use of the Publick; but that nothing herein contained
shall be construed to prevent or restrain the Dean and Chapter of Westminster
from continuing or erecting Gates at the Entrance or Avenues of such
Square; and that the said Dean and Chapter shall, from Time to Time
ad at all Times hereafter, have the same Power and Right of locking up
such Gates in such manner and at such Times as they now have of locking
up the Gates at the several Entrances into Dean's Yard: And also, that if
any of the Streets, Avenues, or Thorough-fares, now standing or used at
Westminster aforesaid, shall be shut up, inclosed, or interrupted by virtue
of any Thing to be done under the Authority of this Act, then and in
such Case the said William Markham and Thomas Salter, and the Survivor
of them, his Heirs, Executors, Administrators and Assigns, shall be compelled
and obliged to open, lay out, build, or make other Streets, Avenues,
or Thorough-fares, as aforesaid.

And be it further Enacted, by the Authority aforesaid, That Sir Joseph
Ayloffe Baronet, John Affleck Esquire, Robert Andrews Gentleman, Sir Walter
Blacket Baronet, Mr. Alderman William Beckford, Mr. Alderman
Richard Beckford, William Bagott, Julines Beckford, Francis Bernard,
Thomas Bernanrd, Esquires; John Barnard, Burtonn, Senior,
Burton, Junior, Gentlemen; the Right Honourable George Lord Carpenter
in the Kingdom of Ireland, Sir John Crosse, Sir Francis Charlton, Baronets,
the Right Honourable Sir Thomas Clark Master of the Rolls, the Honourable
Edward Cornwallis, William Cooper, Henry Cheere, John Castell, Charles
Crosse, Nathaniel Curzon, George Cooke, Henry Courtenay, William Chetwynd,
William Chetwynd Junior, Asheton Curzon, Charles Cooper, Esquires;
Cheere, Henry Conyers, Gentlemen, the Right Honourable Thomas
Hay Esquire commonly called Lord Viscount Dupplin, Sir George Dalston
Baronet, Thomas Lee Summer Esquire, the Dean and Twelve Prebendaries
of Westminster for the Time being, Andrew Drummond, John Drummond,
Henry Devis, Gentlemen, Anthony Ewer Esquire, Thomas Fonnereau
Esquire, the Honourable John Fitzwilliam, the Right Honourable the Lord
Viscount Gage in the Kingdom of Ireland, the Right Honourable Heneage
Finch Esquire commonly called Lord Guernsay, Abraham Farley, Esquire, Sir
Robert Grosvenor Baronet, Richard Grosvenor, Thomas Grosvenor, Esquires,
William Gibbard, William Goff, Gentlemen, the Honourable John Grey,
Guerin, Gentleman, the Right Honourable Edward Harley, commonly called
Lord Harley, Colonel Howard, Eliah Harvey, Robert Harley, Robert Henley,
George Harrison, Esquires, Sir William Irby Baronet, Andrews Jelfe
Esquire, Roger Jackson, George Jennings, Esquires, Sir Robert Long
Baronet, Sir Richard Lloyd Knight His Majesty's Solicitor-General,

Lowndes Esquire, Sir Thomas Mostyn Baronet, the Honourable William
Murray His Majesty's Attorney-General, Francis Macklay Esquire, Macklay,

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