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1819 Jan. 20 +

To Erratum. Insurrendum? 2 July

If no mischief from armed and trained
bodies, who could there to by from bodies
nor trained?

Now my Lord by thus making this plan of meeting, by the on the part
of the people meeting in bodies, and framing resolutions, and
so acting upon upon Honourable the prudence of Honourable House what was were
it that Mr Pitt meant? My Lord it is that which at that
very time he and together with everybody else he and all the
parliamentary Whigs of that time. Mr Grey amongst the rest, Mr
Graham though perhaps not as yet in Parliament, along with theMr Ev amongst
rest had before their eyes: they were those meetings which for
two years to the number of 30 from 30 to 4042 thousand men, all
around and self trained had been in use to be held all over Ireland
by the Volunteers those Volunteers by whom meetings of the people by which acting in the prudence
of the House, the emancipation of the Irish from the English Parliament
was effected.

Meetings then and what meetings? Meetings by man of all
ranks three more Irishmen, those Irishmen associated those associated Irishmen armed.
armed with not only with musketry but with cannon, and compleatly
trained : meetings in all the several provinces. Meetings of armed men
appointing delegates: delegates to the several provisional assemblies; delegates
to a national AssemblyCommittee at Dublin.+ + Plowden p 626

It was in 17801778 they had commenced!! At Belfast it was that || Hardy p.193
or 2
Year of commencement
1778. At Belfast the Landing association
1782 July 31. camp of numbers, 4000.
Printed dissertations on
the most speculation
points are didnt universally

dissatisfaction was at its highest point: it was the Belfast association that
lead where the lead. See then what its was that passed there At Belfast on the 31 July 18 1782 was formed assembled
an encampment of now 4000. At that encampment a
meeting was held. At and before that meeting "anonymous papers
"in thousands were dispersed through the camp and garrison. Every private
"was taught that he was important to legislate, and consequently
"to express his sentiments on the most speculative points. Declaration,
renunciation, [+]1 simple repeal, legal security, better security [+] renunciation, viz.
of the right of the British
Parliament to legislate
for Ireland

"and bill of rights were all before them and they were to instruct
"their delegates on these important points. The delegates assemblies
of the 3d of August. (1782). [+]2 viz. of the Act of George
I which declared that right

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