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Box 137 of the Bentham Papers begins with twenty-four folios by Bentham on Lord Chancellor Erskine from 1819 and the remainder of the Box contains over 460 manuscripts which form his tract entitled Radicalism not Dangerous, which first appeared in The Works of Jeremy Bentham edited by John Bowring in 1838–43 (Bowring, iii. 599–622).

Detailed contents of this box are as follows:

  • Folios 1 to 24: Miscellanea grown out of Letters to Erskine - Letter 7; 1819
  • Folios 25 to 76: Radicalism not dangerous - collectanea; 1819, 1820
  • Folios 77 to 102: Radicalism not dangerous - Introduction; 1819, 1820
  • Folios 103 to 491: Radicalism not dangerous - Part II, Part III, Part IV; 1819, 1820

Folios from box 137 which have already been partially or fully transcribed are listed under the progress bar below.

Box 137 Progress: Transcription begun

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