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1819 July 3

To Erskine: Defence of Univ. of Ed. Review.

Lett.7 Whigs Antireformist
Universally orderly
1. Cromwells Army

1. It was by the army that Cromwell their favourite
Commander was raised to the provisional throne. Called the army
because armed but in its character as opposite as light to darkness to what under
the sway of despotism is called by that name an army as light to
darkness, it was was like the Irish Volunteers so called in the last c of a band of volunteers self-enlisted
and enlisted without exclusion, and thence and upon occasion acting embodied in the
principle of virtually universal suffrage. When the Long
Parliament, declared constituted perpetual by the King which still acknowledged
had begun to constitute itself into an Aristocracy
with self-election upon the plan pursued in miniature
by in the Scotch Burghs, the Army, under the influence of
Cromwell, stood forth opposed itself to against this tyranny. So far from
being like Bonaparte a pure tyrant purely selfish like Bonaparte, Cromwell
and what seem to have been his sincere endeavours to
democratic Monarchy with democratic ascendency, and invited
a representative body better organized than any that had
preceded it to rule in form beneath under him but in effect above him,
We might at this time have been living under a dynasty of Cromwells but his Parliament by an instrument as technical
from f with a representative free from corruption in every
shape and not the less fit for use, had not but his Parliament, by
an instrument as technical as if constructed for them by Mr Wynne
chose to<add>attempted to</add> cut the ground from under their Creator, and by that means
actually cut it from under themselves his handy-work. themselves.

W In respect of intellectual intentions of liberality was to be
found in the country in that those times time was to be found in greatest
proportion in Cromwell and his Army in the least proportion among
the Royalists, and in a middle proportion in the Parliament
where Puritanism reigned with its Puritanism. In the army alone liberation perfect
the Royalists wedded to their bad system and with the perfection of intolerantin perfection intolerant,
the Puritans to their better system, but with little less intolerance.

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