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1819 June 29

To Erskine

Lett.7 Whigs AntiReformists
S5 P of 4 Whig Excellence

Rather than a Tory
People should choose
a Whig: rather than
a Tory because
he can seldom serve
his own party interest
without serving theirs
But rather than a
Whig of the strongest
talents; a Peoples man
a Radicalist of the weakest: because
by supporting reform
the weakest can do
more good than by
all other means put
together the strongest

The On the occasions in question the people, though
without any of their confidence mightshould always in preference to
a Tory alias a Ministerialist alias a Tory alias a Pittite gave their votes to an Whig,
a man appears to them Oppositionist, alias a respected Whig, alias a Torite: because
how slight so ever the may be regard of the respected Whig for this
interest, and in particular how determined or ever his
opposition to all efficient parliamentary reform, he can not serve
his own party any further otherwise than he contributes to check
the Ministerialist: in the course of abuse, and that to serve
the people's interest: but in preference to the Whig they should
give not only those votes, but a their confidence, that is provisional and always ted and defensible
degree of their confidence to a People'sman, who if he is
such will be a Radical Reformist or in one word a Radicalist:
because considering how few such there are in Honourable
House and how great always to come the danger that there
will be now, in merely by support given to the cause of
radical reform a mod an man of moderate talents
may do more good to the cause of the people, than or 7
For this reason J.B.
was wrote against
Romilly for Kinnaird
and would have done
so for Hobhouse

a man of the strongest and most brilliant talents,
all other means put together.

For illustration sake, and thus muchin this light I hope I may
they give it without offence, this last was the course principle acted upon taken by so insignificant
a person as Your Lords humble Servant on
a late contest. Personally Mr Douglas Kinnaird was altogether unknown
to me by good certificate known as a declared friend to radical I should in like manner
had of any
past written for
Hoblones, and that
again against Romilly.

reform. Sir Samuel Romilly was my old and bosom friend.
When Mr Kinnaird was the man pitched in question upon I work for a placard
a paper which in the Electioneering phrase was for Kinnaird and
against Romilly: had Romilly and Hobhouse back the competitors. I

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