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1820 Jan.2

Radical Reform Bill

*7 Note
III. Experiment
1. United States

  • 2 S.5. Subject

Note to the Extract from Subject.

(a) Page 2 Extract from Subject line 3. [torture] Nor this means of torture
deliberately and invariably secured by not secret [+] on which occasion,
the principle under the
management of Mr Braggs
Bathurst and Mr Wilberforce
the principle of uninspectable imprisonment was established by a Committee of the House of Commons got for that purpose.

ad uninspectable imprisonment, as in several instances
in England. Witness the Milbank Penitentiary House [+].

2. The Berkshire Penitentiary at Reading. ensuring which inquir of Lord Folkstone whose <add>exertions</add> efforts
to remove this abo
-minister were so
3. The Wiltshire Penitentiary
at Devizes. Then for the present. What others
there may be I do not as yet know care can not as yet be that

Note (b)

(b) Page 2. 4 [The constitution is the work of the people]
is and, in those United States, it is a really existing constitution; Many, in
each part of it, from a determinate set of persons, convicted with a determinant authority, at a determinate time, at a determinate place, in a determinal
set of words.: act and in Englan in the United Kingdom,
a constitution purely imaginery, having no determinate
set of words, put forward, at each moment occasion
by each individual, on the occasion of the point he has
to gain, and for the purpose of his argument and
this non entity which is growing worse and worse
every day - this non entity it is that we are so continually called
upon to worship, and rally round, and to be ready to shed
the last drop of our blood for and which we are to be sabred for endeavouring to subvert:
as if a non-entity
were a thing
capable of being subverted.

Note (c)

(c) Page 2 1794. Sum that have severed six
and twenty years have elapsed: and what have deplorably ample the
confirmation which that bementprediction prediction of Charles Fox has

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