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1820 Jan. 20 +
Collectenea Radicalism not dangerous

III. Experience in Ireland

*8 §.3. Fruits, Golden Age

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Hardy 208. Reading provided by the Volunteer

Hardy p 208
Ao 1781. "Except by a few, it can not be said that letters
"were much cultivated at that time in Ireland. Yet, though the
"pursuits of a camp are necessarily incompatible, for the moment,
"with literary studies, the volunteer institution, so far from being
"formidable to such studies, eventually contributed to their extension.
"Almost every man, of a liberal education throughout
"Ireland, was now, occasionally at least, in the field,
"and many gentlemen of literary acquizements devoted
"no inconsiderable portion of their time to the camp, and
"such military knowledge, as, in their situation, they
"could obtain. The different ranks of Society became more
"mingled. Those who were uninformed, frequently, often daily
"met those who were not so. Liberal intercourse took
"place, and many were ashamed of continuing ignorant.
"Reading became, though slowly, a fashion, and what was
"originally fashion, gradually changed into a favoured and
"pleasing habit. It is indeed to be wished that that habit
"was still more extended. But unquestionably, more
"books were taught, and continued to be so, after the Volunteer
"institution was formed, than ever before in

The policy of Whiggism had not At the time of the
publication of this book of Mr Hardy's, (Ao 1810) the policy of Whiggism had not as yet arrived at that full pitch of nobility of at
which it has at length manifested displayed chief in the Edinburgh Review+ + Hardy would never
have said,

So far at least as can be judged from this passage Mr
Hardy would no more have protested, than a Spanish
can since the year 1812 have protested, or a United
Statesman, if put to it would probably now protest, against
the employing the faculty of reading right of voting
in the character of a bounty for the encouraging the acquisition of that
faculty, by which, more than plainly than by any other in faculty not
innate, the more is distinguishable from the brute.

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