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Collecanea Radicalism not dangerous?

III Experience
II Ireland.
§.3. Democratic ascendancy how
or ?
§.5 Iron age restored

Morn. Chron. April 28. 1820.

"The Jury here retired from the Box. They had not been absent
"about five minutes, when they sent into Court for a Copy of
"the Statute of the 36th of the late King. On receiving this message
"the Chief Justice expressed a desire to communicate with the
"Jury in Court, and on their return his Lordship observed, that
"by the Act alluded to, it was provided that its duration should
"continue until the next Sessions after the 'death of his Majesty.
"Therefore, that Act was in existence at the time the transaction
"took place which was the subject of this trial. By a late
"Act however, the Statute of the 36th of the King was made perpetual.
"Here the Fourman of the Jury expressed a wish to have
"this Statute read, and the Chief Justice accordingly read these
"provisions applying to the counts of the indictment which related
"to the levying of War against His Majesty, or any attempt
"to force his Majesty to change his Ministers, or to intimidate
"and overawe either House of Parliament. It was agreed on
"both sides his Lordship observed that if any such attempt were
"proved, it would amount to High Treason, and it was for
"the Jury to decide whether such proof had been laid before
"them. As to the law applicable to the case, the learned Judge
"observed, that in order to constitute the crime of levying
"war against his Majesty it was not necessary that there
"should be any large assemblage of soldiers, or any appearance
"of military array, but that bodies of people should
"be collected with a view to depose the King, from his stile
"and title, or to subvert the Government, or to produce any
"other illegal change, or to do any other illegal act by force,
"in which such people had no private interest. This indeed
"amounted to the levying of war against the King, and to
"the crime of Treason under the old Statute of Edward 3rd.

"The Jury again retired, and after remaining out of
"Court about 15 minutes, they returned a verdict of Guilty
"upon the 3d and 4th counts of the indictment.
"3dly. Conspiracy &c, to assassinate, kill, and murder, diverse
"of the Privy Council of our Lord the King.
"4thly. Procuring, providing, and drawing large quantities
"of arms, with intent thereby to arm themselves and other
"traitors in order to assassinate, kill, and murder diverse
"of the Privy Council."

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morn. chron. april 28 1820



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