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1820 Feb 4

Radicalism not dangerous

III Experience
II Ireland
Prospects Spoilt
Harmony & loyalty

Hardy 241

§ Harmony and loyalty that would have continued had democratic
ascendency continued

Since the summer of 1782 during the"in the more early part of the
"Duke of Portlands Administration", before 'the scheme for setting
up commissioned Fencibles in opposition to the uncommissioned
Volunteers was begun to be set in facts the Volunteers in full force;
Government troops standing army in full scarcely, government in
full helplessness. Mark how the behaviour on the King's birth day of the Volunteers to be
towards the idea of the absent Monarch, and towards his troops
then and there present. Mark likewise the politeness courtesy of the DukeLord Lieutenant
to the Volunteers thou Noble Duke Lord Lieutenant when presently after he persevering laboured
to reduce to nothingness by means of his Fencibles notwithstanding
the assurance of Lord Charlemont that those endeavours
would be to no purpose: of Lord Charlemont whose
better contrived scheme of treachery produced the effect
which the Duke's a desired on both sides. Wh Hardy
p. 241. "Where the Volunteers were reviewed by Lord Charlemont
in the Phenix Park, the Duke was present; and on
being thanked by the noble general at the levee, for the honor
his grace had done them, "Surely My Lord" he replied "a body
of men formed on such principles, could not be so near me,
"without a desire on my part to see their exertions". This
was spoken so audibly that numbers heard it, and were
captivated. The same attention prevailed every where. The
late amiable and much lamented General Burgoyne had,
at that time, the command of the forces in Ireland. Whenever
the Kings troops, and the Volunteer corps met, a mutual exchange
change of the usual military courtesies constantly took place
between the. Lord Charlemont suggested, that both
should be drawn out together, and pay the accustomed honors
to the Kings birth day, in conjunction. The suggestion
was laudably and generously complied with; and whoever
remembers it much acknowledge, that it appeared
to be a day of the most unaffected, real gladness, that
perhaps even shone forth in Dublin. Why are not such
moments laid hold on, and improved, as they aught
to be?"

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