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Radicalism not

2 §. Cause of the calumny

Thus it is with thousands upon thousands in the present
case. Looking at radical reform, a man sees nothing for
himself or his friends to gain by it, on the contrary he sees more or less
that it seems to him he and they would lose by it. Why then should
he gave himself the trouble of fixing his eyes keeping his attention fixt on that side?
A mode much less unpleasant and to him as it appears
to him a sufficiently safe one is to hear what his friends
say on the subject, and to take his opinion on it from them.
It is sufficiently safe, for among them he beholds those whose
capacity of judging forming a right judgment on
a question of this sort occupies the highest place in his eyes
It is not only pleasant, court but it is the only one which
he would not find intolerably . He would not
only have the pain of receivingembracing disagreable truth, truth
which to himself abstraction made of all other persons personally
disagreable, but by day so he would render himself
disagreable to his friend: he would perhaps lose the only
society he has immediate access to - the society in which
he beholds whatsoever he most values the principal of
not the only objects of his affection and respect.

As to inconvenience in either in entertaining it in
declaring the opinion in question of no such inconvenen
inconvenience does he incurr expose himself to the smallest risk. No
concern need he give himself in the subject: the opinion
is ready formed to his hands the opinion, and the sort of language the only sort of language that need be employed in
the support of it - wild and visionary and senseless absurd visionary
senseless mischievous distinction: by the leading hand in the
pack the cry is commenced: the others have nothing to do but join
join in it. The principal
the singer has
sung the solo part:
the others in choir
have but to repeat it.

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