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1819 Dec 14
Radicalism not

1. Accusation
2. Speeches July & Nov 1819
Alledged cause of
the alledged mischief
or change in the Constitution.
Past reform
is undeniably such
a change. Thus the
only change proposed
By no injury to property
without this could any
change in the Constitution
be produced

Let us pass on now Now as to the November speech: and
then, though mine otherwise than byin the way of allusion and allusion in which
insinuation reform, find reform radical reform, may be seen but too sufficiently clearly enough designated (a)*
A ground is promised for the "measures" about to be proposed:
"measures requisite for the counteraction and suppression
"of the system" alluded to. This ground is stated as constituted
by "a spirit utterly .... utterly hostile to the "constitution
"of this kingdom, and aiming (b) not only at
"the change (b) (c) of these political institutions which have
"hitherto constituted the pride and security of this
"country but at the subversion of the rights of property(d)
"and of all order in society."

10 15
2 November Speech
Here, though still only
by allusion, radicalism
Given: for the about to be
proposed measures:
measures for counteraction
and suppression
of the alluded — to "system"
"spirit occuring at
change in those political
institutions &c and
"at the subversion of
the rights of property
and of all order in

(b) [Aiming] In this word may be seen the purpose and disposition
of the men by whom the measures were proposed and concerned in
Except in so far as success is more or less probable, what
need is there and thence what ground is there for any coercion
of course , or so much as for punishment under the old. But
vengeance was at heart, and discernment was blinded by it.

(c) [Change] Thence The political institutions, good and bad
together being like the laws of the Medes and Persians declared
immutable for the purpose of perpetuating the bad
and the imperfections of the Good, have the mere act of
aiming at a change be it ever so good as denounced as
a crime: as athe crime of some, for which, his
vengeance should remain unsatiated, all are to be punished.

10 (a) ++ (a)
The blanks in the measures
are left to be filled up by
House Speeches
15 (6)
Order in Society,
nonsense: the answer
the only apposite one.

(a) + The blank is left to be filled up by Speeches in Houses.

() (a) Aiming at the subversion of all order in society being a phrase
utterly void of meaning — a phrase designative of nothing but the
state of the understanding and the passion on the part of those by when
it is employed, is in its nature incapable of an answer, other than what what is given by the
mention thus made
of it.

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