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§.2. Speeches

16 or 6
Thus, to enable our
rulers to do as they
please with us, it
costs no more than
a phrase without a
meaning to give it as for
which a meaning it was necessary
to make one by

Thus it is that to do any thing what they please, to destroy
any man or any number of men they please, and in any
manner they please, it costs them those under whose we as yet
how, no more than a phrase with half a dozen words in it—and
that this phrase should have any that can be thing belonging
to it that can be called a meaning is not necessary.
So the employ of In the present instance so imply
of meaning is the phrase, that with all the hapless labour
the bitter fruits have of what have been seen seen, I have been
reduced to find one for it: in the way to make one for it
in the way of inferences.

17 or 7
For the general averment
more use than
might have been expected.
Of the defence
against the charge ofabout
subversion of the
rights of property,
a part will serve
to clear usradical reform of the
charge imputation
of tendency to produce

Of the Note that for the more general counter-averment
there will be found more use than what might
readily have been unagreed. In the course of the definitive
proof argument will be seen by which while the
state of things aimed at bynon existence of any design radical reform is cleared
of the charg more particular charge of a tendency to
produce preponderant evil in the shape of the intervening
of the rights of property, it will be seen cleared of the
charge of a tendency to produce preponderant evil in
any shape: and evil only so, but will be shewn by experience to
have had now been productive of effects which the most
determinate opponents of radical reform will not
deny to have been replete with preponderant good
and to a vast amount. I spoke of This refers to the case
of Ireland, of which mention will presently be made

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