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Radicalism not

Per Dry ground Radical Reform
Bill, long time necessary
before survey
ever if quantity could
be completed. But
thus it must be before
valuation for division
could be commenced.

1. On turning to the Benthams Radical Reform Bill (it may be seen)
the mere operation of ascertaining quantities could not of itself
but occupy morea greater length of time then by any advocate friend to the plan can could be
thought of with much pleasure. But with reference to the operation of valuing, the difficulty, attendant in
that operation, would be but a preliminary difficulty. This
preliminary difficulty would first be to be overcome; and then would
be to commence the difficulty of valuation, and, thereby or thereafter
substituting to the shares indicated by equality of quantity, the shares indicated
by equality of value.

2. Land covered with water
On dry ground difficulty
of valuation
not comparatively great.
Sees on water bay
of the sea, river,
lake or canal.
On dry ground each
lot may be staked
out. Not so on
deep water, ever
where the land and
water are valuable
as is the Thames
Stakes long and expensive navigation
impeded, till
they are destroyed.

2. Water ground Which On dry ground, the difficulty would be comparatively
light. Bbut of thosethese 87 87 89 millions of acres there are no small there are no
not possible large number - it is not as yet as yet to say how many what number covered by water: by
water in the several shapes of buysbays of the sea, lakes, and rivers, and
lakes: not absolutely forgetting canals: then b of nor all these taken together
will the quantity with be so small, that on an occasoccasion
such as the present, they can with propriety to other
be overlooked. Lots or portions of lots thus formed has how are they to be staked out?
but that the same be altogether not of the
In the Thames at any rate they there are few be few if any that at present
were absolutely without value. Butwere even the states would
length of the stakes would in some places require to be considerable, the expence
proportionable, th its position now of the formost: and use would the use
of the spots in navigation or anchorage be in this case navigation altogether free from interruption, what handiness
these indispensable
somethings between land marks and water marks continued
in position and existence

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