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1819 Dec. 25 Radicalism not dangerous

II Nature of the case
§.9.IX. Accomplishment impossible, so design

1. incontrovertible
What a man deems
impossible he will not

§.9 IX. Accomplishment impossible, design impossible

If thatThat which a man would be deserving would be would be glad to do, is in his eyes
impossible to be done, so long as it is so, he will neither attempt to do it, nor deem
design to attempt it. A position This proposition to this effect may, it is
hoped, without much fear of contradiction be advanced.

2. Position not so soon
controvertible — That
persuasion of impossibility
prevalent to have
prevented the design.

One One position remains which for the completion of the
proof of not guilty, it will be necessary to advance, but to which the assent may not be
quite so sure. This is that, supposing any such desire by or other to have had place a degree
of intensity persuasion sufficient to present the formation of such a design
a persuasion of the impossibility of success, has supposing any
correspondent desire to have had place been on the part of
those whose concurrence would be necessary all along accom panied it. been so presented

To On the part To this position any apprehension<add>no probable cause</add> of depending on the part of any person whose situation in 3
From minds in
which access to truth
has not been barred
out by interest
interest people
effect not
before less

respect of private his interest and interest begotten prejudice admitts of the giving reception to truth
present itself.

I can not entertain much apprehension of an unfavourable

Not so on the part of those by whom the Speeches in
question were penned and put into the Royal Mouth. Having 4
Not so given the Speech
makers. Judgement
given by the accuser
and executive taken
out against and all
all others, they stand
found to maintain
for ever the existence
of the design

By them the persons accused having to the amount of so
many million been pronounced Guilty Guiltyguilty — guilty of the
design if doing that case accomplishing that the impossibility of which who
which has so repeated by upon been shewn and proved
to be impossible — the accused pronounced guilty and and execution taken out against the
not against them alone, but against accused and the ris all the other members of the community
along with them — into the bargain — they stand engaged be not
merely to deny the impossibility of such a design, but
to maintain and without flu to maintain for ever, and
without flinching, its existence.

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