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1820 Jan 5.

Radicalism not dangerous

II Nature
§ iv. Stages

That in other shapes it should ever have been the
That by the persons in question any such design should ever have been harboured on that of
subverting endeavouring at the subversion of the rights of property in other shapes has, it is hoped
been sufficiently proved to be impossible. That, by those
same persons, in a number more or less considerable, the
design may have been harboured of endeavouring at "the subversion of the rights of
"property" in this particular shape, seems notneither impossible
nor improbable. But, against a mere design, supposing
it to have no chance of producing either the effect aimed
at, or any bad effect in any other shape, not only would
leave subversion of the constitution, but even reason and
argument, be so superfluous and useless, so much words
and paper thrown away + | Supposing the application of Let the catastrophe in question In so far as
the spunge be supposed to to be regarded as depending upon the political ascendency [+] He, in whose
eyes the production
of the catastrophe is
regarded as capable
of being produced otherwise
than by the political
ascendency of
those who he regards
as labouring to produce
it, will see no cause
for apprehending evil
in that shape, unless
in so far as the existence of such
ascendency should
in his eyes be more
or less probable. Still
known from their
endeavours preponderant

evil could not far
fail to take place might then not
thenin their eyes at least in the view of the
such a demonstration
for seen above take
of at period be in their eyes at least productive of good effect?

of those whose endeavours are directed to that end, in that
case supposition likewise he who would be sorry to see the sponge
applied, would have us and to expend words or any
thing else in opposing it, making opposition to in any other supposition than
that such ascendency the existence of such ascendency
have more or less of probability in it. Some person however there
may be in whose eyes though from any such endeavour
evil in that particular shape has no p not any probability,
yet in other shapes from those same endeavours
evil in this or that other shape may in those same eyes or not be still be
in other eyes be more or less to be apprehended. In this case On this supposition
of they themselves< of were satisfied <of their own satisfaction it of it were used to the understanding that by any endeavours
were demonstrated, that by any endeavours made or declared to be made by them the radical
towards "the abolition of subver subversion or extinction of the rights extinction of property
of property in this shape. no no good preponderant good to themselves
could take place, but that in the calumny much preponderant evil

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