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1820 Jan.5 II Note
45 §.10 x. Sp

From any declared or known antiradicalist any such
statement might have would naturally have to encounter the force of adverse prejudice
possessions. From a known radicalist it would not have to
inctive not find that obstacle in its way and would
From a known radicalist it woul may stand a better chance of being regarded with whatever attractionattention

mightmay be due to it. Reasoning too is a mode of warfareaddress
very little to expected from those who have force at their command.
It is a departure from dignity: it keeps in athe angry state
of restraint passions in an unpleasant these angry passions in to which force holds
out the gratification that belongs to them: it suspends for
in which at least these expressions of hatred and contempt
to which the force promises impeach anew in what it is so
pleasant to indulge: it is felt to involve it presents itself as involving a
sort of the acknowledgement of a deficiency in respect of
that endowment facility/power which it is at once so pleasant to
exercise and so much more than any other can be
of attaining the end it aims at.

These things considered, it has been thought that
the following suggestions in proof of the ineligibility opportuneness of
this supposed remedy in respect of to the interest of thoseany persons who
in the character of radicalists may have been occupiers in
the endeavours to apply it, might not be without their

If it should appear that which the abolition extinction of the
debt without equivalent would be productive of preponderant
evil to a very great amount degree, in a very high the abolition of it by means
of an equivalent would still be productive of preponderant evil, though to a less
amount, the result
will be a practical conclusion, such as under existing circumstances may not be without its use.

evil though evil not to persons of an inferior high<add>the same description but to others evils though in howsoever inferior a
degree, and that in a higher degree by radicalists to any other class of
in th here too the labour of enquiry would be requited by for an additional advantages

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