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1819 Dec. 17

The people suffer still more by successful. Remain unsuccessful out

Reasons against
War favoured
War propensity

Note continued

There is One class of Ministers rulers there is whose profit by
war so far as money alone is concerned consists only in
patronage. To this class belong for exam
1. the Monarch. 2. The Commander in
Chief. 3. The first Lord of the Admiralty. 4. The Secretary
at war

Another class there is whomto whom profit by war over and above any that may come in the shape
of patronage
is yielded by
war through the medium of the distresses of individuals. To this
class belong 1. The Lord Chancellor. 2. The Judge of
the Admiralty least. the Chan Lord Chancellor through the medium by the Bankruptcies
of which it is productive of; the Judge of the Admiralty
Court by through the medium of the captains and the
consequent litigations of which it is productive: add to which till
t'other day a Lord who by for pretending to be a sort of Clerk
got to the amount of £38,000 a year for himself and
dependents together

Under a despotism no such excitements to flagitious war
have existence. It is only in under the matchless constitution that
the Monarch has any need of the matter of corruption
for carrying on his government.

In the case of the Lord Chancellor and the Judge of the
Admiralty Court to be assured that there is nothing they would
not do [so as they could do it with safety] either of them to
promote any the most unjust war, the one for the sake of bankruptcies
the other for the sake of the capturers, I have no need to know
either their names or their characters. What I know is that
they are men: and that is quite enough for me.

In the In So far as it is in the shape of patronage
the sinister profit could not very by any very simple
process be got rid of. But so far as in the line judicial
offices it results out of the sufferings of individuals no process in the determinate
in between peace and
war, that fixation
has actually been made
to take place. When
so the person or people
the source of the sinister
profit was mainly if not altogether, at an end

can be more simple and certainly effectual. It can
in neither nothing more is requisite than the rending the
whole quantum of his in every shape fixt: and this
in the case of the sort official person who as such had no influence in

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