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Radicalism not dangerous

II. Nature of the case
(2) 2 ineligible

or 4
True, under democracy,
was much less
likely. No functionaries
then with interests opposite
to peoples, except
and not dependent on
people. But democracy
though in contemplation,
not in design or wish.
Yes in case of civil
war, people victorious:
he as in U.S.

But besides the miseries
of the civil war, there
would be an army to
give employment to:
as under Cromwell and
Commonwealth: thence
tendency to
aggression against
foreigners, by

Thus much for the looked for fruit of radical reform democratic ascendency. Under democracy
there would doubtless be a difference. In that case
there would be no functionaries whose with an interest opposite
to that of the people, subject many except those whose existence in
their situation would always be dependent on the will of the
people subject many. But democracy, though it can not be altogether out of
the contemplation of any one would could not, in the case of
radical reformers as such be either in their designs or
in their wishes. In case of civil war and revolution
yes: in Eur Britain and Ireland, as in America. But
not to speak of the miseries of civil war itself, among the effects
of it as on the part of the conquerors, a propensity to foreign
war: on the part of the Commonwealth towards foreign powers after the
victory over Charles the first neither on the part of E
Cromwell, nor on the part of the Commonwealth was there
any want of insolence. An army full of merits, and
not devoid in of power would be in existence: and for
so noble and instrument, appropriate employment would be

or 5
True: U.S. always
forbearing: witness
France, Britain, Spain
Principle, not justice
but a stronger self
interest in respect of
war burthens. U.S.
not encompassed with
objects of irritation as
Britain feels in neighbouring

On the part of Of government in the United States True it is that the conduct of that
government towards foreign aggressors has at all times been as
needed of forbearance. Witness France, Great Britain, Spain:
and this forbearance has had its cause not in the pure love
of justice, but in a principle of much firmer texture and
more to be depended upon — upon the source of its opportuneness to the
interest of the great majority of those at whose expense the necessary supplies
would be to be provided. But in respect of foreign the American United States
the situation of them the American States is very different in these respects for
of Great Britain
are not situate in the midst of objects of irritation
as in the case supposed Great Britain would be: and under in a state of things the
most favourable to peace
that can be imagined,
such will always be the
propensity to war in the
especially on the part breasts
of those who have the conduct
of affairs, that
any obstacle obstructive cause that
affords a prospect of preventing it can scarcely be paid for at too dear a rate.

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