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1819 Nov. 28 +++
Radicalism not

XXI ++ 1 Ulto 2o
1th ?

(1) 1 §.6 is

or 1
III Now to be Experience
All contrary to the imputation
1. In United States

In United States
Democracy rights
without any counterforce checking
from Monarchy
or Aristocracy

The case parallel
Ideas, habits
assoc language,
associations formed
by language, all

Yet not in desire
of equal division
or any

Part III. Defence from experience, in the case of the United States

II. So much for the general nature of the case.

In experience, is there any thing to give countenance
to a supposition thus shewn to be a theory so extravagant
add as well as compleatly groundless?

In experience? On the contrary, all
from experience all the evidence that the case
furnishes, is directly in the teeth of the supposition,
and puts the most decided negative upon it.

2. Lost first to the North-American United States. In that vast
region — a region peopled with men of English race, bred
up in English habits — m with minds fraught with ideas,
associated by the English language with all English ideas by
English language in that vast region we have not indeed a government what is the state of things? If not indeed exactly that what
in England the British Isles it would
be rendered by democratic
ascendency as
established by radical
reform, at any rate
a state of things while which
not so to the present
purpose is not materially
different from it: and
in particular a state
of things, which, if it had
been in human nature
to give birth to any such
design as that of a govmt
subversion of the rights of
property, would have
been full as likely to
give birth to such a
design as would be the condition
which of the radicalists
in the British
Isles can ever be.

Well then, in these those United States, such is the radical
established in the United States by universal
state of things in respect of the influence of the people at large in the business
form of government. What then will is the consequence?

suffrage - which causes or will to
Any such subversion of property as the form proposed is accused
the same thing by democratic ascendency, by a
as being to a certainty productive of? No, nor any the least approach
spent system of practical equality not only nearly
to it. Any inferiority in respect of general tranquillity
as likely but much more likely to have produced
and felicity in other shapes, as compared with the British
such a of it had
Isles? On the contrary, a great and perfectly uncontrovertible
it been in the nature of democratic ascendency
superiority. This we shall see.
to prompt men to it.

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